Vision Spinner 2 1650mah

Introducing the Vision Spinner 2 1650mAh battery to Vapes Canada. This high powered battery takes variable voltage spin technology to the next level in a stylish and durable product. The bottom spinner can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the output voltage to the clearomizer between 3.3v and 4.8v. 

This brand new product from Vision is an upgrade to the original and very successful Vision Spinner 1. They took all the good qualities of the first version and made this one even better. Available in a variety of attractive vibrant colours and high quality finishes.

  • Recharged Over 500 Times
  • Operating Voltage output from 3.3 - 4.8V
  • Powerful 1650mAh Battery 
  • Improved Coating Design for Exceptional Durability
  • Ergonomic Spin Dial
  • Operating Voltage 3.3-4.8v
  • Charging Voltage 4.2v/420mA
  • Short Circuit Protection - when the battery is on and is not being operated properly or charged using an improper charger, the power button will flash 3 times and stop working.
  • Working Time Protection - when the power button is pressed for 8 consecutive seconds the button plashes five times and shuts down the power output automatically.
  • Charging Time - the Vision Spinner 2 has a large 1650mAh capacity and requires approximately 5-6 hours to be fully charged from a 0% charge.
  • 1x Vision Spinner 2 1650mah

*DISCLAIMER: Use this product at your own risk. By purchasing this item, you agree that West Coast Vape,, the manufacturer, distributors, and/or resellers of this product are not liable for any damage that may be caused by the use or misuse of this product. The use of this product should be limited to those with knowledge of rebuilding, safety precautions, and how to properly use and care for batteries. It should not be purchased if the user is unknowledgeable and/or uncomfortable with the use of mechanical mods, rebuildable atomizers, and/or batteries.*

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